The Bond
The Beauty of the Bond – Increasing Positive Connections within the Family

Keynote or ½ day workshop/class

Customized for anyone raising children and those working to maintain positive relationship with their grown children

This is a fun, high-energy time of Valerie sharing from her vast experiences as a mom with nearly three decades of parenting insight. Being mother to 9 kids with personalities and preferences as varied as imaginable, her task to bond hearts on one accord daily presented true challenge. Audience laughter is the hallmark of these messages as parents hear Valerie’s vivid and entertaining stories from her oftentimes hilarious parenting escapades. Lessons learned empowers them to readily deal with uncomfortable matters of the heart in their homes – with a doable plan. Building family connectivity effectively is the benefit gained from this time spent with Valerie as she shows how to encourage having children who actually enjoy being together.
Learning Objectives:
  • Honor and celebrate the beauty of individuality
  • Enjoy the blessing of family unity
  • Encourage grace and sensitivity between siblings
  • Realize the benefits that only come from living the family dream team
  • Address reality of how having older/adult children changes dynamics of the bond

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The Basics
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