The Body
Buff the Body - Sensible Fitness Strategies for a Healthy Close-knit Family

Keynote, Breakout, ½-day workshop/class or women’s retreat

Customized for parents searching for ways to put solid fitness routine into their full schedule of raising children

A reasonably fit family is a powerhouse testimony for a family legacy that lasts. When good health can be enjoyed by every family member, that family can move forward into its truest destiny of success. Strategies to keep a family fit and healthy are at the core of what makes this program work for all attendees. Audiences depart with ideas to get their family on track using sensible health and fitness concepts – coupled with tidbits from Valerie’s nutrition coaching. This program is unique and best used where participants can have a little room to get up and experiment with various routines. Audiences leave this session with a start-up plan to enhance their fitness routine while also gaining ways to include the entire family.
Learning Objectives:
  • Practice best health options for the entire family
  • Avoid common fitness pitfalls and discouragements
  • Engage in fun and worthwhile fitness habits
  • Maintain supportive fitness perspectives for the family

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The Basics
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