The Basics
Back to Basics Parenting to raise Exceptional Children

Keynote, Breakout or ½ day workshop/class

Customized for anyone raising children

Winning, tested and real parenting concepts are the focus of this program to create positive change and direction for the family. This program assists parents to learn reasonable approaches to use with their child while also highlighting the importance of bringing them to trust and follow their parent’s lead. Effective parenting means understanding and then working well within the various phases of the parent/child relationship. Real life applications and easy-to-follow plans are discussed to help parents get back-to-the-basics of their calling.

The breadth of this program and specific requests for Valerie’s expertise allow expansion of Back to Basics titles into the different stand-alone breakout, keynote, and/or workshop/classes as follows:

Back to the Basics: How to Finally get your House in Order – and Keep it There . . . most of the time!

Back to the Basics (Home-Life Balance): Getting more School Done without Driving your Family Crazy!

Back to the Basics of Taking care of Me: Queen Time (session for mothers)

Back to the Basics: Holding the Family Together - When the job calls a parent to work and live far away

Back to the Basics: As the Nest Empties – How to straddle between raising young children and maintaining connections with your adult children

Back to the Basics: The “9-1-1” Family Survivor Kit – What to do if the primary breadwinner’s job is lost

Learning Objectives of the Back to Basics Programs

  • Encourage the family as they encounter various struggles
  • Highlighting and installing family teamwork strategies that matter
  • Minimizing impact on family sanity of confusing societal messages
  • Manage and defuse counter-productive attitudes
  • Accept reality of life’s imperfections and learn ways to adjust the parenting process
  • Manage family function in firm yet loving ways
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