About Valerie
From the Basics
I credit my parents with originating the Back-to-Basics parenting strategies that shaped my childhood experience. They helped me beat the odds as a little girl growing up in a Chicago ghetto. Many are the same strategies I bring to focus, helping parents raise exceptional children in an unpredictable world.   ​
To the Family
My husband and I have enjoyed holding hands and babies, ever working ways to keep our family solid. It takes persistence and tough love to mold a family with unity and purpose – to work in the present and last into the future. 
For the Body
When you have 9 active kids, 5 of them boys, being a couch potato is not an option. I felt it natural to earn my certification as a personal fitness trainer and now coach seniors and super busy parents in real ways to stay healthy and fit. I believe, teach and live that there is no witness without fitness!