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Valerie was an Air Force officer until that career intersected with family vision.  She answered the call to shift duty into full-time role as mom for her 9 children.  Speaker/CEO of The Close-Knit Family, Valerie gives her widely sought-after parenting advice, using: 

- Team-building talents gained from military  

- Personnel savvy as a business woman,

- Unique Family Team Building concepts perfected over decades as a mom

Her programs provide professional, engaging, and humorous benefit as she serves: 

Parenting Organizations

Women & Moms Groups and Organizations,

Visionary Corporate Leaders wanting to offer family Work-Life Balance programs for their workforce

About Valerie
Speaker | Family Team Builder | Mother of 9
I am a Family Team Builder  who believes, given the right tools,  that parents can construct loving, productive Close-Knit Families.  An Air Force veteran, my service gave me experience on critically successful teams.  Integrity, accountability, respect, responsibility and conflict resolution at their best was my daily mastery.  I took what I learned there, tweaked it with love, and applied it, with powerful results, at home for my family team of 9 children.   My programs give parents easy-to-grasp strategies on Back to Basics Parenting, Bonding the Family, and Buffing the Body - helping them stay in the game with sensible fitness. 

What defines my devotion is my faith, my dedication to my supportive husband of over 30 years, and my love for and duty to our 9 exceptional children, a super daughter-in-law and one very perfect grandson.  I have over 3 decades of combined insights as a military veteran, adjunct professor, passionate mother, wife, and entrepreneur.  My messages and programs resonate best with: 

Corporations planning events addressing employee work-life balance issues ,
Family-focused organizations and associations,
Mom and Parent-oriented groups,
Women ministry programs and retreats
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