The Close-Knit Family

Raising Exceptional
Children in an
Unpredictable World

About Valerie
Speaker | Parenting Strategist | Mother of 9
I believe, given the right tools,  parents can fashion Close-Knit Families, producing exceptional children while empowering everyone to be physically and emotionally fit, regardless of unpredictable world influences. 

My first devotion is to my faith as it defines my every focus.  Following this is my dedication to my supportive husband of over 30 years and our 9 exceptional children. Based on my passion as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur, I offer strategies and methods from nearly 3 decades of personal experience, insights and successes.    

All propels me to present programs, solutions and encouragement to better establish the Close-Knit Family.

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Valerie was an Air Force officer who answered the call to directly influence the training of her 9 children when her promising military career intersected with family vision.

She gained insight from her collegiate, military and business experiences and shares it with a can-do spirit.

Your group will be inspired to realize positive outcome after hearing Valerie speak on winning Close-Knit Family strategies.